‘bout betsy


Hi there, I’m Betsy! I am a self-proclaimed work-in-progress, graphic designer, freelance calligrapher, digital illustrator, stationery-enthusiast, free-spirited, twenty-something.

I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia most of my life, with the exclusion of 5 years spent in college - shout out to all ye other victory-lappers! I spent my first 2 years at Ole Miss (Hotty Toddy!) & final 3 years at the University of Miami (go ‘Canes!). A lot of folks ask me which college experience I enjoyed more; to answer that question, I loved both - some of the greatest people I have ever met and whom are still a part of my life are from Ole Miss and the same can be said for Miami - but to be frank, if Miami played Ole Miss in a football game, I’d root for the Hurricanes (side note, I couldn’t care less about most sports).

After graduating from Miami with a dual business degree in Marketing and Management and minor in Graphic Design, I relocated back to the ATL and had my first “real world” job at an architecture firm as their “marketing gal”. After an amazing experience in the “real world,” I decided to return to school in the Summer of 2017 to follow my dream of becoming a respected artist/designer by pursuing an additional degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

I am particularly drawn to - and love - the kinetic process of creating art with my hands, whether through printmaking, letterpress, or calligraphy. For fun, I enjoy creating digital portraits, though I also love to work with gouache and pastel. Like I said before, I am a work in progress!

Random FACTS

My formal name is Elizabeth, but most people know me as Betsy. A lucky few call me Bets or B; an even luckier few call me Lunker or any nuance of that nickname (i.e. Lunk, Lunkie, Lunkable, Lunkerton, Osama-Bin-Lunkle, Chick-fil-Lunk, et cetera).

I am a Cancer (as in the zodiac, not the bad “C” word). I am an ISFP that sometimes veers on the INFP side; for those not familiar with the Myers Briggs Typologies (MBTI), I = introverted; S = sensing / N = intuitive; F = feeling; P = perceptive. If you coincidentally share a fascination with personality types - hit me up, we’d probably be friends!

I love non-fiction documentaries and literature, some of my favorites include “In Cold Blood” & “Helter Skelter”. I also love the work by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, especially his book “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided By Politics & Religion” (if you can’t tell, I was probably some type of pysch-fanatic in a past life). I have an eclectic taste in music ranging from French pop to Simon & Garfunkel to old-school rap and more, emphasis on French pop. My guiltiest pleasures are Swedish fish and trash-tv; I’m addicted (pun-intended) to Intervention, and can’t lie about being super-duper guilty of tuning in each week to the Real Housewives.

I have a zoo of animals consisting of two cats named Poppy & Cecilia, and a BBGBH (bad but good basset hound) named Martha. The newest addition to the crew is a fish named Petunia Pebblebottoms, and to be honest, was purchased on impulse after stumbling upon a mod “fish hotel” at my favorite store, Richard’s Variety.


Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions or think we’d be friends, feel free to get with me here. To view my résumé, please visit this link or reach out to me directly for more information :)